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Pre Drywall Inspections

We offer pre drywall Inspections at various stages of the construction process to make sure your home is being built to industry standard.

Radon Testing

We provide Radon testing with constant monitors calibrated yearly. Billing is done per 48 hour minimum  as  per the current EPA Guidelines.

Pre Listing Inspection

We offer pre listing inspections to help sellers identify items that may show up on the reports generated by other inspectors during the sale of a home.


We will reinspect the work previously recommended or  done by a contractor or other qualified  professional. 

Standard Home Inspection

This is the standard InterNachi SOP home inspection that our clients have come to know. 

Condition  Inspection

We provide condition Inspections for landlords who want to check up  on the work being done by their property management companies on their long term rentals.


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